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Lacrosse Practice Policy
Effective immediately, The Columbus Lacrosse Club is asking players...
Important Registration Information
Returning Players and Coaches:  If you are a returning player,...
2018 Lacrosse Registration
Registration for the 2018 season is open. The 2017 teams/rosters...

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High School Lacrosse Information
As the season draws closer, a couple reminders that apply to all...
Columbus Lacrosse Club(CLC) is a 501c3 not for profit youth lacrosse...
Kroger Rewards for Lacrosse Fundraiser
Time to renew the Kroger Rewards Membership which has to be done...
Lacrosse Practice Policy

Effective immediately, The Columbus Lacrosse Club is asking players and families to take special precautions for the next few weeks because of an increase of influenza (flu) in the region. 

Although anyone can get the flu, it is most serious in the elderly, very young children, people with chronic illnesses (such as lung disease, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes), or those with weakened immune systems. Influenza spreads easily in discharges from the nose and throat, usually when an infected person coughs or sneezes.   

We ask that you do the following to help us prevent further spread of flu among our families:

·                   Do not attend practices or games if you know you are sick.  Wait to until you have been without a fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication).

·                   Frequent and thorough hand washing is a MUST. Wash your hands frequently using antibacterial soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

·                   There is to be no sharing of water bottles during practices or games.

·                   Players must bring their own water bottles to games and practices.

·                   Gloves are to remain on at the end of the games on the handshake line.

·                   Please be diligent in either washing/spraying/wiping down all hockey equipment (including sticks, bags, etc). 

 If you or your players(s) experience flu-like symptoms or a fever please contact your physician or pediatrician.

 We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to manage this situation and will let you know when the flu outbreak precautions are no longer necessary.


by posted 03/14/2018
Important Registration Information

Returning Players and Coaches: 

If you are a returning player, please log in using your account from last season then click on the orange Register Now button on the top right side of the Home page.


New Players and Coaches:

New participants need to create an account on the website by clicking on the orange Register Now button on the top, right side of the home page.  Once you create an account, then you log back in and click again on the Register Now button then select the program in which you want to register.



by posted 03/14/2018
2018 Lacrosse Registration

Registration for the 2018 season is open. The 2017 teams/rosters will be archived on January 1 so we will no longer be able to communicate team related events with players unless they register for the 2018 season.  We will be posting general announcements on the website and Facebook page however team events can only be found on the team page.  Please register for the 2018 season if you think you are going to play.  You do not need to make a payment to register and if you elect not to play then we can remove you.   

Registration Instructions:

Current club members may login using their username and password from last year. Once logged in, you can choose from the team list.  When you select a team, you will be asked for your USLacrosse number. If it expires before May 31, 2018 then you will be sent to the USLacrosse website to renw it then returned to the club site.  If you forgot your password, you may put your email in the username box and leave the password box empty and click login.  The system will email you your password. 

New Players will need to create an account on the website and may do so by clicking the orange "Register Now" button on the top right hand side of the page.  New memebrs will need to create an account, register with USLacrosse and get a USL number then complete the registration. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.


by posted 12/26/2017

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by posted 12/14/2017
High School Lacrosse Information

As the season draws closer, a couple reminders that apply to all high school players

-You must register on the website to be included in the team communications.  Returning players can register using last years account, players new to the club will need to create an account.
-A physical, no older than May 31, 2017, must be submitted to the team manager before tryouts
-A copy of your semester grades must be submitted to your team manager before tryouts.
-Any remaning balances from last season need to be paid before tryouts. 
-If you need financial assistance then please contact your coach or team manager about scholarship oppurtunities in the form of reduced fees and/or equipment.
-The high school teams will have pre-season scrimmages in early March and the first regular season games will be March 24-25 which is the weekend at the end of spring break.
-If you have any questions then please contact your coach and/or manager.

-Columbus East callout will be after the CLC annual meeting on Dec. 12 at CSA.
-Columbus North callout will be 6:00 pm Dec. 18. Location to be determined.

by posted 12/07/2017

Columbus Lacrosse Club(CLC) is a 501c3 not for profit youth lacrosse program located in Columbus, IN.  Our goal is to create an awareness of the game and develop a local youth and high school lacrosse program.  



          -High school Varsity and JV at North and East

          -Youth 10U/8U house league, U12, U14 

          -Competition includes teams from central and southern Indiana.

          -High school teams play approx. 10 home games and 8 away games

          -Youth teams play ALL home games on Saturdays(one away game for 2018)

          -House league comprised of mixed ages and focuses on player development. No body checking.



           -Games and Practices held at PAAL Athletic Sports Complex

          -All youth games except for one away game on a Saturday to Evansville.

          -1 to 3 youth practices a week depending on age level.


           -Players must provide their own equipment including helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and sticks.

          -Loaner equipment available.

          -Hockey helmets may be used for house league only.

20 18 Estimated Fees:  

          -High School $400(2017 fees $400)

          -14U/12U Youth $275

          -10U/8U House League $40

          -Scholarships available

          -Fees are determined by amortizing cost of season across number of players.  More players equal less cost.


          -Registration is OPEN     

Age Groups:

            Grade 9 thru 12 =  High School Teams

            Born from 9/1/2003 thru 8/31/2005 = 14U

            Born from 9/1/2005 thru 8/31/2007 = 12U

            Born from 9/1/2007 thru 8/31/2009 = 10U(house league)
            Born from 9/1/2009 thru 8/31/2011   =  8U(house league)



CLC strives to make lacrosse accessible to all players.  Lacrosse can be an expensive sport, so we have partnered with a number of sponsors to provide equipment and reduced fees.  We have plenty of equipment to get your player on the field at little to no cost.  If you need help finding equipment or assistance with fees then please contact us by

by posted 11/06/2017
Kroger Rewards for Lacrosse Fundraiser

Time to renew the Kroger Rewards Membership which has to be done every January for the club to benefit. The Columbus Lacrosse Club has partnered with Kroger in their community rewards program. Every time you shop at Kroger, they will donate a percentage of the amount you spend to the club. You must be a Kroger Rewards member. This is a very easy, simple way to help the program reduce the cost of participation. You may register online at The club reward number is 69062. Last year, we had 30 families participate and we raised $1000+. This is a simple, effective way to help raise funds.  Please pass along to your family members and friends that shop at Kroger.  Lets try and double the participation level this year.  You can also use the Kroger card at JayC on the west side.

by posted 01/03/2017
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