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2019 Lacrosse Schedule

We schedule the high school season fairly early since so many teams play on their schools turf field and AD's need to set their schedules.  I wanted to go ahead and post the schedule to date just to make people aware of the game expectation specifically centered around spring break, Easter and the Prom.  We do plan to play a game/scrimmage the weekend coming off spring break.  The goal is to schedule 14-16 games for each varsity team and 8-10 for JV.  The schedule will be much more balanced this year as we are scheduling games with programs that are ranked on either side of us.  I am about halfway done with the schedule and hope to finish it up by the end of September.  The highlights this year include more weekday games within a reasonable drive, several weekends that will be open and making one long distance travel to Lafayette.  We hope that we will see more high school players sign up to referee since they will have more oppurtunities on the weeknds.  As of now, I haven't any idea as to whether the teams will be able to gain access to the football fields this year but I will keep you posted.  The youth schedule will be all home games each Saturday. Two games approximately 2-3 hours apart. No long distance travel for youth this year.  ---Andrew Jerman

Spring Break          
23-Mar Saturday        
26-Mar Tuesday        
27-Mar Wednesday   Bloomington South(58.07) CNHS AWAY
29-Mar Friday        
30-Mar Saturday        
2-Apr Tuesday        
3-Apr Wednesday   Bloomington South(58.07) CEHS AWAY
5-Apr Friday        
6-Apr Saturday   CEHS Evansville Reitz(54.92) PAAL
6-Apr Saturday   CNHS Evansville Memorial(65.17) PAAL
6-Apr Saturday   CNHS Evansville Reitz(54.92) PAAL
6-Apr Saturday   CEHS Evansville Memorial(65.17) PAAL
6-Apr Saturday   CNJV Evansville  PAAL
9-Apr Tuesday   CNHS Southport TBD
10-Apr Wednesday        
12-Apr Friday       XXX
13-Apr Saturday   Plainfield, Whiteland????   XXX
16-Apr Tuesday   CEHS Southport  TBD
17-Apr Wednesday   Perry Meridian(48.19) CNJV  AWAY
18-Apr Thursday        
19-Apr Friday   Good Friday    
20-Apr Saturday        
21-Apr Sunday   Easter    
23-Apr Tuesday   Perry Meridian(48.19) CEHS AWAY
24-Apr Wednesday   CNHS Bloomington South(58.07) PAAL
26-Apr Friday        
27-Apr Saturday   Lafayette Harrison(46.40) CNHS AWAY
27-Apr Saturday   Tippecanoe(46.59) CEHS AWAY
27-Apr Saturday   Lafayette Harrison(46.40) CEHS AWAY
27-Apr Saturday   Tippecanoe(46.59) CNHS AWAY
30-Apr Tuesday        
1-May Wednesday   CNHS Perry Meridian(48.19) PAAL
1-May Wednesday   Scecina Memorial(45.40) CEHS AWAY
3-May Friday        
4-May Saturday   PROM Freshman/Sophmore Games PAAL
7-May Tuesday   CNHS Scecina Memorial(45.40) PAAL
8-May Wednesday   CEHS Bloomington South(58.07) PAAL
10-May Friday        
11-May Saturday        
14-May Tuesday        
16-May Thursday        
17-May Friday   CNHS(47.55) CEHS(45.16) TBD
18-May Saturday   CEHS Concordia(58.26) PAAL
18-May Saturday   CNHS Concordia(58.26) PAAL

by posted 08/17/2018
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