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We are still accepting Ad Sales and one thing that has been successful, and is easy, is the Kroger Rewards program. We have 20 families that shop at Kroger signed up for it. It brings us $200 each quarter. There are 120+ families in the program. This is a simple way to help raise funds with no effort.
In Preperation for the 2018 season

1. Columbus is not going to be allowed to schedule weekday games because we don't have enough adult referees.  Its great to get high school players to work youth games but they simply can't do many games because they conflict with their games.  We really need for some adults to step up and help us out in this regards.  This is a great oppurtunity for any former players that are going to school locally to earn some money. 

2. We are in dire need of youth coaches.  We'd like to start a U10 5V5 house league this year to act as a feeder for our U12 teams.  We are looking for someone to make a two day a week commitment fo this program.  We are also looking for a 2018 U12 assistant coach, or two, that could take on the head coaching job in 2019.  We will also need an assistant for the 14U team. 

3. Costs are rising for the 2018 season and we can battle that rise in two ways.  1. Is to simply recruit more players to amortize the cost and 2. Is to increase our fundraising.  We have a number of programs in the works.  One that has been highly successful is the kroger Rewards program.  We are raising about $1000 a year with 32 families that have signed up for it.  If you shop at kroger, you can sign up for Kroger rewards and they will donate a portion of your purchase to the program.

4. We need volunteers. We have a number of committees that could use support.  These are very minimal time commitments.  We will be posting a list of committees after the board meeting next week.

If you have any questions then please let us know.

by Master Admin posted 08/04/2017
Kroger Rewards Fundraiser

Time to renew the Kroger Rewards Membership which has to be done every January for the club to benefit. The Columbus Lacrosse Club has partnered with Kroger in their community rewards program. Every time you shop at Kroger, they will donate a percentage of the amount you spend to the club. You must be a Kroger Rewards member. This is a very easy, simple way to help the program reduce the cost of participation. You may register online at The club reward number is 69062. Last year, we had ten families participate for a month and a half and raise $120. If we could get half of our membership to sign up then that would raise almost $5000 a year.

by posted 01/19/2017
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